Essay On My Village In English

(1) Introduction to the village (2) People of the village (3) Works of Grampanchayat (4) Pathshala etc. (5) Some defects (4) Epilogue.] My village is also like millions of villages in India. This small township of about four hundred houses is named Kanakpur. To the north of the village, the Saraswati River flows day and … Read more

Essay On Diwali Festival In English

(1) Introduction (2) Related mythological stories (3) Pritayyari (4) Description of Deepawali (5) Prevention of defects (4) Message.] The glorious tradition of festivals has been going on in India since ancient times. Deepawali or Diwali, which lit the house lamp, is truly the queen of Indian festivals. People wait for it throughout the year. Some … Read more

Essay On My Favorite Bird In English

(1) The instruction of the beloved bird (2) Look and temperament (3) Understanding (4) Special qualities (5) Antiquity (4) Parrot buying (4) Epilogue. There are different kinds of birds in the world. Each bird has its own characteristics. The peacock has colorful feathers, the cuckoo has sweet, melodious dialect, the crow has cleverness, the eagle … Read more

Essay On My Favorite Festival In English

(1) Introduction of beloved festival (2) Method of celebrating (3) New approach (4) Historical importance (5) Reason for being dear. Holi, Diwali, Rakshabandhan, Dussehra, etc. are our main festivals. Of these festivals, the festival of Rakshabandhan is the one I love the most. This festival is a symbol of the innocent and selfless love of … Read more

Essay On My Favorite Writer In English

(1) Introduction (2) Literature (3) Stories and novels (4) Features (5) Other things (4) Reason for being dear. There are many great writers in Hindi. Everyone has their own specialties. He has earned a name in the whole world by producing the best quality literature, but among these, I love the immortal emperor of Hindi … Read more

Essay On My Favorite Sport In English

(1) Introduction to the beloved game (2) How to become a hobby (3) Cultivation of cricket (4) Importance (5) Reason for love. I have been very fond of sports since childhood. I am interested in all sports like hockey, badminton, cricket, kabaddi, but I love the game of cricket in all these sports. Today, the … Read more

Essay On My Favorite Hindi Poet

(1) Introduction (2) Literature (3) Characteristics (4) Personality (5) Reason for being dear. Hindi poetry literature is very large and rich. Many poets have flourished and fostered Hindi poetry in their beautiful compositions. It is very difficult to call any one of these Kaviratnas as ‘dear’. Nevertheless, as far as the election is concerned, the … Read more