A Hour at the Bus Stop Essay in English

A Hour at the Bus Stop Essay in English: A bus is often used to travel from one place to another in the city. Due to this, there is always a fair of human beings at the bus station and often one has to do penance for hours and hours to get a place in the bus.

A Hour at the Bus Stop Essay in English

A Hour at the Bus Stop Essay in English

It was the evening of Saturn! I had to go out for a walk. Walked to the bus station. Long queues of people standing from a distance were visible. People of all ages and all kinds stood in that line. There were people wearing suit-boots, merchants wearing kurta-hats and laborers with dirty clothes. Serious housewives and shy girls were also in it. Some women had small children in their hands. Someone was reading a newspaper or a booklet of a story. Some elders were immersed in the discussion. ‘Q’ had some kids doing mischief. Really, this gathering of people was very visible.

Some beggars were also roaming around at the bus stand. He was repeatedly asking for money. The newspaperman was raising the slogan of ‘today’s news’. The toyman and the chopper did not even take the name of moving away from here. Truly, the bus-stop was made by sight.

Number 5 bus arrived after about half an hour. Passengers started entering the bus. One, two, three, four and five. The bus conductor rang the bell while saying ‘stop’, ‘another car comes behind’ and the bus started moving. A passenger wanted to run and catch the bus, but the poor man slipped. Fifteen more minutes passed, but no other car arrived. After some time the two buses came together, but they stopped with the sound of a bell without stopping. People became batches. Some aces walked in a rickshaw or a taxi. The queue of the people decreased slightly, but their discomfort and trouble had increased greatly.

Then an empty bus arrived. The queue of passengers became ‘crowded’. All the passengers boarded the bus while making a dhkmkadhakka. How would I let this golden opportunity go by my hand? The fruit of the entire one-hour meditation was found. I also boarded that bus. The bus started moving, then it was discovered that a passenger’s pocket was cut.

Really, human life becomes a very interesting, exciting and informative experience in just one hour at a place.

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