Annual Day Celebration in your School Essay in English

Annual Day Celebration in your School Essay in English: On 9, 10 and 11 January, my school celebrated with great pomp and show. The school was cleaned and the walls and rooms were decorated. Tables and chairs were varnished. The whole building looked very beautiful due to electric pylons, flower garlands and banners. The beauty of the entrance of the school was unique.

Annual Day Celebration in your School Essay in English

Annual Day Celebration in your School Essay in English

Snhe conference started with sports competitions. The first 100 meter race started. Good players were left behind in the race and the youngest Rammohan won. Then there was competition for slow and fast cycling. Many players fell in an attempt to cycle slowly. A wave of joy rang in the audience. Then there was the children’s chair-race and zilbi-race. High jump, long jump and shot put competitions were very interesting. Kabaddi and Ramsakasi competitions cast a spell on people’s hearts.

The second day’s program started with a debate competition. The subject of debate was, ‘Should there be tests or not?’ The stupendous oratory of Ramchandra Pathak, the school’s most mischievous student, mesmerized the audience. There was applause in the hall again and again. In the afternoon there was a program of essay-competition and in the evening there was a program of poets-conference. I also joined the essay competition. Many famous poets of Hindi participated in the poet-conference. Neerajji decorated the presidency. All the distinguished gentlemen of the city attended our school. The poet-conference was a complete success.

The fourth issue of Abhiyan Shakuntal, the immortal work of Mahakavi Kalidas, was performed on the last day of affection. All the viewers got excited. Then the exhibition was inaugurated by the education minister. Many picturesque pictures related to nature, history, geography, literature etc. were kept in the exhibition. People viewed this exhibition with great enthusiasm and praised it very much. Thereafter prizes were awarded to the winners at the hands of the president of the municipality. In the end, our Principal expressed gratitude and the program of affection-conciliation was completed with the program.

In this way, the annual festival of our school was celebrated with great pride. The festival sparked a wave of enthusiasm among all the students and teachers. He was encouraged for the new year. For several days we kept discussing this affection-meeting.

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