Autobiography of a Wounded Soldier Essay in English

Autobiography of a Wounded Soldier Essay in English: Yes, my autobiography is colorful, not exciting; It is full of courage, not luxury. I am an Indian soldier! For me, my country is God.

Autobiography of a Wounded Soldier Essay in English

Autobiography of a Wounded Soldier Essay in English

I was born in the mountainous region of Kangra. In our area, there is very little land suitable for farming, so many people get recruited in the army. That is why we were given training specifically from childhood. My father was also a soldier and served Bharatmata while remaining in the army for years. I also had a desire to become a soldier like him. As a youth, I learned horse riding, swimming, mountain climbing etc.

Finally, one day I got admitted in Sainik School in Dehradun. Within a few days I got a very good military education. I took full training to operate rifles, machine guns, cannons etc. I also obtained several certifications in motor-truck driving. I also gained a lot of experience in battlefield firing, firing and shelling.

After independence, I first encountered the Nizam’s army in Hyderabad police proceedings. After this, a few years passed in great peace. Then suddenly China attacked our northern border. Our division was sent there to counter it. We made checkpoints and camped out in snowy regions. We had to face thousands of Chinese soldiers dressed with modern weapons. Once we were guarding some soldiers, so suddenly enemy soldiers came and threatened us. I laid down my soul on my palm that day and did the work of about twenty-five soldiers alone.

After the ceasefire, I returned to my village. Mother was mad with happiness. Both wife and Munna were very happy. I shared my experiences with the people of the village. But shortly after, Pakistan invaded Kashmir. I left to offer my sacrifice in the country’s defense. On the Kashmir border, we faced Pakistani soldiers wholeheartedly. In this skirmish, my right foot was hit by bullets, yet I was spared from being treated immediately. The Government of India honored me with ‘Veerchakra’ to commemorate my bravery.

Today I have not had as much power as before. Still I am not sad about it. When the opportunity comes, I will sacrifice my life for the country. Okay, so I want to order now! Victory to India!

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