Essay On My Favorite Bird In English

Essay On My Favorite Bird In English: There are different kinds of birds in the world. Each bird has its own characteristics. The peacock has colorful feathers, the cuckoo has sweet, melodious dialect, the crow has cleverness, the eagle and the eagle have power. The beautiful, white swan is a symbol of wisdom and justice. In this way, every bird has something or the other, but I love the parrot among all birds.

Essay On My Favorite Bird In English

Essay On My Favorite Bird In English

A parrot is a rare bird. Its green color, red beak, a black stripe of the throat, and soft feathers captivate the mind. It is very easy to raise. He is a vegetarian. He is happy with fruits, chilies, flour, etc. He becomes domestic very quickly, mixing with everyone at home. A parrot speaking a man sitting in a cage is, in fact, the beauty of the home.

Nature has coddled wisely in parrots. He learns very quickly when he teaches anything. He speaks Ram-Ram with his grandmother, speaks English with children, salutes Babuji by raising his feet. He can learn and speak any language. His dialect is also very sweet.

The parrot never forgets to welcome the guests when they come home. He welcomes familiar guests by saying ‘come.’ Hearing ‘Namaste’, ‘Swagat’, or ‘Well-less’ from his mouth, guests also get up and down. They also do not live without loving him. They praise him very much.

Parrots have been a favorite bird of the people since ancient times. Rishi-sages used to raise him in his ashram. He was nurtured by hobbies in royal palaces. It is said that Parrot and Maina used to debate among themselves in Sanskrit at the house of Pt. Mandan Mishra!

Once I went to a fair. From there I bought a parrot. Today he has become my dear friend. I call him ‘Atmaram’. Just as a devotee gets elated after seeing a beautiful idol of God, similarly I get delighted by sitting near Atmaram’s cage. Seeing Atmaram, my mind gets great satisfaction.

Why is such a wonderful and attractive bird not my favorite bird?

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