Essay On My Favorite Hindi Poet

Essay On My Favorite Hindi Poet: Hindi poetry literature is very large and rich. Many poets have flourished and fostered Hindi poetry in their beautiful compositions. It is very difficult to call any one of these Kaviratnas as ‘dear’. Nevertheless, as far as the election is concerned, the national self I consider Maithilisharan Gupta my favorite poet.

Essay On My Favorite Hindi Poet

Essay On My Favorite Hindi Poet

Maithilisharan was a true representative of the Gupta Indian culture and the Indian public. His heart was filled with patriotism. His homeland love is evident in his literature. Indian culture, history, and society are reflected in his poetry. Gupta was a craftsman of Hindi language and literature. Easy-to-use Hindi is the main feature of his poetry.

Despite being the exclusive priest of antiquity, Gupta remained second to none in welcoming novelty. In Bharat Bharti, the poignant picture he drew of the then Indian state, his aim was to awaken the Indians towards the country. The form of Rama you have presented in ‘Saket’ is in line with your national spirit. Apart from these, Yashodhara, Jayadratha-slaughter, Panchavati, Nahusha, Anagh etc. are the famous compositions of Gupta. Gupta’s sympathy has also been given to those characters, who have often been neglected by poets and whose glory could not be tested. Urmila of ‘Saket’ and Yashodhara of ‘Yashodhara’ are similar and neglected statues of Indian women’s life. In fact, the poetry of Guptji is inspiring the spirit of public welfare.

Gupta’s personality was as simple and melodious as his poetry. Pramanita remained the object of his compassion. He had child-friendly simplicity, affectionate intimacy, and Vaishnav public humility. If his heart was not so soft, how would he succeed in depicting the subtle and soft feel of human life?

Gupta was the representative of Hindi and a popular poet of the national language. He decorated Hindi literature continuously for almost 40 years and enriched its repository with his many poems. The poetry of women and life, the plight of the country, the removal of untouchability, nature, and human life is found in different poems in his poetry. Gupta is the pride of Indian literature, not only of Hindi. He made his place on the heart throne of the people of the country. Why should not such a great singer of Indian culture and humanity and ‘Sabke Dadda’ Guptji be my favorite poet?

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