Essay On My Favorite Sport In English

Essay On My Favorite Sport In English: I have been very fond of sports since childhood. I am interested in all sports like hockey, badminton, cricket, kabaddi, but I love the game of cricket in all these sports. Today, the whole world considers cricket to be the ‘king of sports’. Cricket has won the hearts of people. Thousands of people get impatient to see the name of a cricket match. Those who cannot go to watch the match do not miss watching it on TV or listening to its commentary on the radio. Newspaper pages are filled with cricket news. Really, cricket is a unique game. Don’t know what magic is in that ball! It is a little bit, but it is filled with the sweetness and joy of the world.

Essay On My Favorite Sport In English

Essay On My Favorite Sport In English

I got this hobby of cricket from my elder brother. He had formed a team of some comrades of our neighborhood. This team used to go to the field to play cricket on a holiday. I also started playing with them all. One day my bat cracked three fours. Everyone complimented me. Just since that day cricket has become my favorite sport. Gradually, my brother taught me all the tricks and tricks of the game.

I play cricket for about two hours every day. I never forget to watch the cricket test matches. I keep reading cricket related time during my leisure time. I have prepared a good collection of cricket-related articles and pictures published in newspapers. The truth is that on hearing the name of cricket, I did not get puffed up.

Last year I was the captain of my school’s cricket team. Our team won all the matches played during the year. Today I am the favorite player of my school students, teachers are proud of me. Everyone calls me by the name of ‘Captain Kapil Dev’. The game of cricket leads to good exercise. Cricket also teaches discipline, duty, and cooperation. This game increases the courage of the player. Cricket players neither boast about victory nor are disappointed when they lose.

Today, the physical strength and mental stability that I have, cricket has a lot in it. Really, I owe it a lot. I want to take this loan off by making cricket my most loved game. Maybe, in my future life, this game will make four moons.

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