Essay On My Favorite Writer In English

Essay On My Favorite Writer In English: There are many great writers in Hindi. Everyone has their own specialties. He has earned a name in the whole world by producing the best quality literature, but among these, I love the immortal emperor of Hindi fiction, Munshi Premchandji.

Essay On My Favorite Writer In English

Essay On My Favorite Writer In English

Premchand ji is the narrator of folklife. He ran his pen on the lives of farmers, Harijans, and Dalits. He put the sufferings of the farmers, their life struggles, the oppression of the landlords on them, etc. in front of a naturally educated society. Along with this, he also presented real pictures of superstition, illiteracy, compassion, love, and sympathy of Indian farmers. In this way, Premchandji’s literature is a mirror of India’s rural life.

The stories of Premchandji are very simple, succulent, and poignant. Premchandji in many stories like ‘Kafan’, ‘Bodh’, ‘Eidgah’, ‘Sujan Bhagat’, ‘Namdar ka daroga’, ‘Chess player’, ‘Bade ghar ki beti’, ‘Milk price’ Pus Ki Raat ‘ Has a natural and interesting style of philosophy. His novels are also unmatched. Godan is the epic in the lives of farmers. The poignant picture of middle-class society is inscribed in ’embezzlement’. Novels like ‘Rangbhoomi’, ‘Sevasadan’, ‘Nirmala’ etc. have made Premchandji and his art immortal. Indeed, reading Premchandji’s literature develops virtues and good works.

The characterization of Premchandji is unique. The story is also very natural and beautiful. His greatest feature is the moving idiomatic language. Gandhiji’s ideas have had a huge impact on Premchandji. Satyagraha and the non-cooperation movement has greatly influenced his creations.

There is a great message of national awakening in Premchandji’s literature, a representation of the ideals of our social life. There is a glimpse of the ideals of patriotism. Opposition to slavery and the motivation to upgrade the nation. His pen was always trying to remove social evils like caste-hierarchy or high-caste discrimination and provincialism. He always tried for the unity of Hindus and Muslims through the creation of literature. Thus, along with the litterateur, he was also a great social reformer. His pen worked as a sword during the independence movement.

If such a great storyteller and true litterateur of folklife, Premchandji is my favorite writer, then what a surprise!

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