Essay On My Village In English

Essay On My Village In English: My village is also like millions of villages in India. This small township of about four hundred houses is named Kanakpur. To the north of the village, the Saraswati River flows day and night singing the song Kalkal. The greenery of the fields is adding beauty to it all around. The ranges and varied flora add to its natural beauty. There is a big well in the middle of the village, which is famous as ‘Ram’s well’. There is a huge pagoda in front of the well. Some distance away from it is the village panchayat-ghar, which was recently built. The school and hospital are outside the village.

Essay On My Village

Essay On My Village In English

People of all classes live in the village without any discrimination. The people of the village are big entrepreneurs, contented, and happy. In the village, charkhas run from place to place and there are also small home industries. Sometimes a bhajan-kirtan program is also held in my village. Most of the farmers live in the village. They still follow old practices and customs even today. He has an unwavering belief in a variety of deities. Lack of education has not fully developed the nation’s love among them, yet they have a brotherhood. When Abir-Gulal of Holi fills everyone’s heart with pink, then the light of Diwali brightens everyone’s heart. Thus during festivals, the whole village becomes like a family.

Grampanchayat has transformed our village. The schoolhouse in the village has been prepared by collecting the money and the children of the village study it enthusiastically. Not only this, adult education has also been arranged in the village today. Many newspapers and magazines are called in the village library. The radio always rings there in the evening. There is also a new glow in the market.

Apart from studying in our village school, students are also taught gardening. Spinning and weaving works have created new juices in them. The village dispensary is doing its work diligently. The village doctor no longer allows anyone to die uncontrollably.

People in my village sometimes quarrel over trivial matters. Some people also consume intoxicants such as cannabis, tobacco. Some people do not pay special attention to cleanliness. Villagers are not particularly interested in adult education.

Still my village is good in itself. Efforts are being made to remove the defects of the village. Here is the beauty of nature, affectionate people, the shadow of religion and the light of humanity. I love this village of innocent men and women, affectionate sisters-in-law and simple children.

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