Evening Walk by the Riverside Essay in English

Evening Walk by the Riverside Essay in English: I had the opportunity to visit Pandharpur during the Diwali holidays. I had many friends there. One day we set out to spend the evening on the banks of the Chandrabhaga River.

Evening Walk by the Riverside Essay in English

Evening Walk by the Riverside Essay in English

Chandrabhaga is a famous river of Maharashtra. When we reached there, the sun had reached the west direction. Moving towards Asthachal, the rays of the sun had lost their splendor. Due to them, the water of the river was spreading the color of golden red color. The cool breeze was blowing. The sound of the rippling river was making the atmosphere musical. The mind was getting great peace.

There was a lot of movement on the banks of the river. The birds were returning to their nests. The tones of his tweet were echoing on the trees. The shepherds were returning to the village and watering the animals in the river. Some boys were swimming in the river. Boaters were made to see the joy of it. Dholak and monkey were also playing on the boats. A sailor of a yacht was singing a folk song in jubilation. Women dressed in colorful saris came to donate on the river.

We also fixed a boat. The boatman was a very interesting man. He narrated to us some stories mentioned in the Puranas regarding Chandrabhaga. On the banks of Chandrabhaga, the famous Saint Tukaram of Maharashtra ascended heaven. He also told us in detail about this. By then, the moon had completely come out in the sky and the moonlight had spread all around. A singer friend of ours sang a few songs in his melodious voice. I entertained friends with my jokes.

There are many temples on the sacred bank of Chandrabhaga. Among these, the Vitthal temple is the main one. Vitthal is also known as Pandharinath. The city is named Pandharpur after his name. The enchanting idol of Vitthal and its finery was made on sight. We attended the temple aarti and took prasad. The whole coast resonated with Aarti’s vocals and the noise of hours.

The sweet memories of that evening spent on the banks of the Chandrabhaga River still tickle my mind.

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