First Day of My School Essay in English

First Day of My School Essay in English: With a bandage in one hand, putting a pen in a pocket, and holding a finger of mother, father or elder brother in one hand, when a six-year-old boy first goes to school, it really becomes an important event in his life. At that time, I was about six years old, when one day I went to attend school with my father. So far my life was spent in eating and drinking and playing, so I was not introduced to any kind of bond.

First Day of My School Essay in English

First Day of My School Essay in English

Dad first took me to the headmaster of the school. I saw a large table sitting on a chair near the head wearing black glasses. I authenticated them. My name was written in the school register. After that Dad took me to the class-teacher. The class-teacher smiled at me and ordered me to sit on the first bench. In the evening my father left, saying that I will come to pick you up.

Everything was new to me in school. All the boys in the class had their eyes on me. Although I was agile by nature, I was not daring to speak to anyone at that time. The teacher used to write the count on the black planks in front and ask every boy. The non-narrator was kept standing. I was afraid of myself. Gradually my turn came. But I promptly answered as soon as the teacher asked. He complimented me.

In the afternoon vacation a boy came and asked my name with great affection. He showed me the drinking room and toilet. He became my friend the same day. He was Ashoka, the monitor of my class.

Studying continued till evening. In the last hour, the teacher told a story. I liked that very much. But this was happening in the mind when to leave and when to run home. Hunger was also very loud. As time went on, the bell rang. The boys got up and ran. I also passed out with Ashok. Dad was waiting for me at the door. I introduced Ashoka to him. On reaching home, Mataji kissed and hugged me.

Thus began my student life in school. It was that auspicious day in my life when I started my group life by going to school and learned the first lesson of cooperation and friendship.

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