If I were Doctor Essay in English

If I were Doctor Essay in English: I have already thought about what I will become in the future. Yes, my business is my ambition to become a skilled doctor after getting my medical education. The doctor is the greatest servant of the society. He gives new life to sick people. This miracle of medical service has fascinated me. I want that I also serve my society and country by becoming a doctor.

If I were Doctor Essay in English

If I were Doctor Essay in English

Today, diseases like cholera, malaria, smallpox have reduced in our country, but many other diseases have lifted their heads. Innumerable people remain troubled due to diseases like cough, cold, fever, headache etc. T.B. Or terrible diseases like typhoid, diabetes and cancer are also found in abundance in this country. The poor section of the country is getting troubled by these diseases. I want to treat these patients by becoming a doctor, free them from disease and in this way I get a golden opportunity of public service.

Today our villages are in great need of doctors. Therefore, I will open my dispensary in my village. Today’s new doctors prefer to live in cities, but I want to serve the poor. Therefore, I will not hesitate at all to become a village doctor. With my efficient treatment, I will lighten the grief of the people of my village. They will come to me crying and laughing and smiling. I will get my happiness only in that happiness of him.

As a doctor, I will not only sit in my clinic. I will mingle with the people of the village and instill scientific understanding in them. I will explain to them the importance of cleanliness and make them aware of health. Due to illiteracy and uncleanliness, villages like our heaven are made of hell due to many diseases. I will get people out of this hell.

Financially, becoming a doctor is not bad either. There is neither fear of loss nor possibility of rapid recession in this business. But earning money will not be my objective. For me, becoming a doctor is the path to becoming Deenabandhu. I will never forget that doctoring is a profession which enjoys public service along with money and benefits! Therefore, like an ideal doctor, I would consider it my first duty to provide health benefits to the villagers.

It would be a matter of great pride and joy for me to be a doctor. Will my aspiration to serve God through public service be fulfilled?

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