Importance of Exams Essay in English

Importance of Exams Essay in English: To test the gold, it is heated in a fire, at that time hard metal like gold also melts, then what about the poor guy? No matter how much preparation has been done, the books have been licked, but the examiner’s heartbeat increases as soon as the exam comes. Even the most intelligent are afraid of the name of examination. As the day of examination approaches, a kind of fear increases in the mind. One hour before the exam, only an experienced person can understand the state of mind of the examinee.

Importance of Exams Essay in English

Importance of Exams Essay in English

Before the start of the examination, the students reach the place of examination and separate groups of friends are formed. Someone says, “Look, the meaning of this poem will definitely be asked, the other one is cutting it and says,” I had already asked it. Will ask again this time? ”These types of discussions sometimes take the form of heated debate. In the imagination of the question paper, the students unite the sky.

Weak students in studies feel as if they do not remember anything. The answers to important questions are remembered again and again, yet they are not satisfied. Some sit rhymeing the meaning of the poem, and some fall behind the summary. Most of the students sit with the guides and rote them like a parrot. Some students consider it wise to memorize the ‘notes’ written by the teacher.

Really, the scene at this time is very interesting. Take a walk wherever you look. Fear and confusion on everyone’s face! But some students are also confident! They pinch their friends engrossed in reading. There are also some ‘saints’ who have unwavering faith in Bhagyadevata. They enjoy tea and coffee by sitting in ‘Rambhrosse’ restaurants and say to others, “Dude, you also dig a well when a fire breaks out.”

Thus, one hour before the examination is more important than the examination for the students. Sometimes this hour adds to the success of the student. What they read in this one hour is sometimes asked in the paper. But sometimes all the hard work gets water back. For intelligent students, this hour can prove to be a ‘golden period’.

Indeed, an hour before the exam is the appropriate time to look at the various forms of students.

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