Importance of Voting Essay in English

Importance of Voting Essay in English: General elections are held every five years in democracy India. Every Indian under the age of eighteen has the right to vote. There was a general election in India in February last year. The parties like Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party, Janata Party, etc. had campaigned vigorously for their candidates through meetings, processions, posters etc.

Importance of Voting Essay in English

Importance of Voting Essay in English

From the morning of the election day, there was a stir and a stir. Voting started at exactly eight o’clock. People started going towards the polling stations for voting. After the rest of the afternoon, I also reached the polling station near my house at around four in the evening.

At some distance from the polling station, the volunteers were engaged in election related work of their respective parties. Flags on different sides were waving. Election marks of different parties were also visible from place to place. The whole atmosphere was filled with excitement and gaiety.

As time went by, the queues of voters became longer. Some Muslim women wore burqas to vote. Some old and sick people came sitting in Tango. In the queue were Babu people wearing suits and laborers wearing dhoti were also standing on their knees. A short distance from the polling station was covered with tongs, rickshaws and taxis. Some Bhel-Pudiwale, Khomchewale and Pheriwale were also standing on the side of the road carrying their own Khomche. The police was tight and there was a complete ban on publicity.

I noticed that in turn five-five voters were admitted to the polling station. Each voter would receive a ballot stating his serial number, go to a secluded cabin inside the polling station and vote for the candidate of his choice. While going to the polls, the index finger near the thumb was marked with firm ink. One and a half hour passed on seeing it. Only half an hour remained. At that time, if the crowd gathered around the polling station, then the police used to disperse it immediately. It was six in the evening. Even after the voting time was over, some voters came, but the backers had to return to their feet. Gradually people began to disperse from around the polling station. Within a short time, the whole atmosphere became calm and deserted. How quickly that election day passed!

I also slowly returned home. The movement of the polling station gave me a new awakening. At the polling station, I saw the power of the awakened people in a tangible form and I got a direct knowledge of the value of voting.

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