My Favourite Book Essay in English

My Favourite Book Essay in English: Good books have great importance in human life. Excellent books serve as good friends, gurus and guides. His study enhances our knowledge, makes life-vision vast and helps in building his personality. Due to my interest in studies, I have read many good books till now. I can say with certainty that Gandhiji’s autobiography ‘Use of Truth’ has impressed me the most.

My Favourite Book Essay in English

My Favourite Book Essay in English

The ‘experiments of truth’ is indeed an authentic picture of Gandhiji’s life. Truth is inaugurated in each of its episodes. Gandhiji has presented inspiring examples from which the reader can get good education while clearly illustrating his weaknesses. Non-vegetarian, smoking, theft, suicide, harsh behavior towards wife etc. are naturally seen in the context of Gandhiji. Studying his self-respecting, self-supporting and satyagrahi nature in South Africa shows how many extraordinary qualities were hidden in that ordinary man! Thus the ‘use of truth’ is a true mirror of Gandhi’s life.

‘Use of truth’ or ‘autobiography’ not only reflects Gandhiji’s journey of life but also the journey of his personality. In it, we see how a timid, shy boy named Mohandas gets a degree of restraint and diligence in London, burns the flame of justice and humanity in London and ultimately Indian independence – One becomes Vishwavandya as the victorious commander of the war. The journey of a normal personality to become unusual is as interesting as it is inspiring.

In this book, Gandhiji has expressed his views on many topics like truth, non-violence, religion, language, caste, caste and untouchability. From these we get a glimpse of the contemplation of that great man. Gandhi’s hymns attack the heart like a panacea.

Gandhiji has written his autobiography in such a smooth manner that the praise given to it is less. In simple and short sentences, he has filled all the splendor of language and emotion. At some places, he enjoys reading poetry.

Thus ‘Use of Truth’ is a motivational story of the life of a great man. It also has beautiful glimpses of the history of our country. This autobiography has won the hearts of people. Knowing how many people have read this book, amazing changes have taken place in their lives. With the influence of this book, I have left many evils which have developed my character. Now, following the ideals of Gandhiji has become the goal of my life. Just as Gandhiji is my favorite leader, his autobiography is my favorite book.

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