My Favourite Hobby Essay in English

My Favourite Hobby Essay in English: Though I am interested in many things, but I garden with great pleasure and take care of my bungalow garden myself. I love collecting postage stamps of India and abroad. Everyone is familiar with my skill of playing the harmonium. Sometimes I get so absorbed in reading stories that even I forget to eat. But the hobby that is the true companion of my life, is the capital of my life, that is photography. When I was in eighth grade, on my birthday my uncle gave me a camera. Just since then, my hobby of photography has won my heart.

My Favourite Hobby Essay in English

My Favourite Hobby Essay in English

My hobby of photography is not limited to just pressing camera buttons. Photography has become an integral part of my life. I want to imbibe this entertaining trend. So I regularly read photography related books and periodicals. I get new information about photography from them and my knowledge keeps on increasing.

To date I have taken hundreds of photographs. I must take knowledge from literature related to photography while taking photographs in its use. I have taken all kinds of photos of my family members. My camera is always ready to take photos of the sweltering fields, waterfalls flowing yesterday, blooming roses, smiling children, grand buildings, broken huts etc. I feel immense pleasure in taking photographs from different angles.

I have made many great albums of my photo. Everyone who sees these albums appreciates me. Every month, I send some attractive photos to be published in famous magazines and magazines. These photos are printed and I receive both Yash and Awards. Many times I am also invited to take photos at ceremonies or conferences. I have gained many good friends due to my hobby of photography.

Literally, photography has given my eyes and my hands a good training. It has taught me to love nature. Much of the credit for awakening and grooming my talent is due to this hobby. In the practice of photography, I forget the worry of studying, that is why I have only survived from becoming a bookworm. With the help of photography, I have been able to keep the sweet memories of many tours, birthday celebrations, affection and conference etc. alive.

My heartbeat is really fond of photography. I believe that one day this hobby of mine will open the doors of my fame.

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