My Favourite Newspaper Essay in English

My Favourite Newspaper Essay in English: With the spread of education, the publication of newspapers in the country is also increasing. Many newspapers are found in our city. Among these, the one I like the most is the famous Hindi daily ‘Navbharat Times’.

My Favourite Newspaper Essay in English

My Favourite Newspaper Essay in English

‘Navbharat Times’ is a popular, fair and authentic daily. It is counted in the country’s national newspapers. Printed in big letters on its front page, Shirthak gives details of fresh and important events of the country and the world. In this, local events as well as important events of the country and abroad are discussed. His photos are also kept with special news. Navbharat Times’ news is detailed and reliable. They contain complete information of incidents and their complete analysis.

‘Navbharat Times’ is a complete daily. Apart from news, its other departments also prosper. Its cartoon images are very accurate and poignant. Its thorny talk ‘column is really big piercing. People’s perspective on a current topic is published with their photos under the column ‘Do Took’. Under the column ‘Your Mind’, readers express their views on various topics. The ‘Aaj’ column of the newspaper gives information about the programs coming in Doordarshan’s channels. Gold, silver and stock market prices are given in ‘Arthasar’. A local event is discussed under ‘campus’.

A page of ‘Navbharat Times’ is safe for sports news. Apart from illustrated news of local, national and international sports competitions, reviews of sports experts are also provided on this page.

Everyday special articles are given in this newspaper on some or the other subject. Doordarshan’s programs are reviewed under the title ‘Rang-Tarang’. Under ‘Urvashi’ there are useful articles for women and interesting discussions about films in ‘cinema’. Navbharat Times’ Ravivariya issue is really fascinating and readable. It contains stories, poems, Ayurveda and articles related to art and culture.

I read ‘Navbharat Times’ every day. I love its ‘Dharmakshetra’ and ‘Ekada’ pillars. Its reading has improved my language and increased my knowledge. I have learned a lot from its editorial articles. Truly ‘Navbharat Times’ is an ideal newspaper. I consider it my ‘Guru’.

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