My Funniest Dream Essay in English

My Funniest Dream Essay in English: I reached home on a big night after watching the movie ‘Alladin’s magic lamp’. As soon as I lay on the bed, I caught my eye and in my sleep I saw a beautiful dream. In the dream I saw a stunning Mahatma. They called me to themselves. Turning my hand over my head, he put me on a ring and he disappeared.

My Funniest Dream Essay in English

My Funniest Dream Essay in English

Right now I was looking at the ring that in the meantime I started flying above the earth and flying and reached the North Pole. There was snow all around! Suddenly I turned my hand on that ring. Just ! Smoke started appearing everywhere. Suddenly a terrible voice came and I saw a beautiful airplane standing in front of me. The driver was also sitting in it. He called me. I soon boarded the plane.

We reached Chandralok in an instant while sitting in the airplane. We both got off the airplane and started moving around. There was an empire of coolness all around. The beauty of Chandralok’s colorful rocks was unique. Everything was deserted, yet it was very amazing and spectacular.

After a while, hoarse voice was heard. Suddenly we saw a satellite passing very close to us. Soon we followed him while sitting in the airplane, but I do not know where he became invisible and we stopped on the land of Mars.

There was no limit to our enjoyment as soon as we reached Mars. Truly, heaven had become the ocean here. There were sandalwood trees and beautiful reservoirs on both sides of the paths here. It had beautiful lotus blooms and swans were swimming. Beautiful gardens were built at various places. One of his garden gates and mounds was made of gold. There were fountains in the gardens, from which drops of Saptarangi water were blowing. The residents here were good, generous and strong. He warmly welcomed us and asked us the news of the Earthlings. While returning, I wanted to give them something in memory. I did not have anything else, so my hand reached the ring and….

My Salona dream broke. My father was waking me up with a loud voice. After getting up, I saw that the sun was scattered all around. What would have happened if it was not late, I continued to travel to Chandralok and Mangaloka. Perhaps the bed had become an aircraft. How unique and amazing that dream was!

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