My School Life Memories Essay in English

My School Life Memories Essay in English: Even today, the sweet memories of student life are engraved on my heart. As soon as I remember those memories, the heart fills with unique joy and these words come out of the mouth automatically, ‘Alas! Those days would come back again! ‘

My School Life Memories Essay in English

My School Life Memories Essay in English

I remember that day even today, when I came to school on the first day, with a bandage in one hand, putting a pencil in my pocket and holding Dad’s finger with the other hand, I had excitement on one side and unknown fear on the other. . Then my studies started. With my talent and hard work, I soon became the darling of all teachers.

I was always first in studies. I continued to receive many scholarships. I was also captain of the school cricket team. When I came to the field with a bat, the whole atmosphere resonated with the call of my name. Our team was always victorious. My name was also spoken in the theater. The students loved me, the teachers were proud of me. Whether it was the annual poets’ conference or the oratory competition, my name was called everywhere. How sweet were those days of life! The knowledge, experience and enjoyment I received from the editing of Pathshala’s handwritten monthly ‘Gyanodaya’ is indescribable. The memory of the visits of Ajanta-Ilaura, Delhi-Agra and Nainital organized by the school still fills my heart with joy.

In those ten years of school life, I had learned from many teachers, but in all of them I can never forget Shri Brahmande and Shri Jambotkarji. Shri Brahmadande was a teacher of Marathi and Sanskrit. The impression of his loving nature and influential personality remains on my heart even today. Mr. Jambotkar Guruji was our Principal, who takes care of every student’s education and their character-building.

How can I forget the friends of student life with whom I have spent years of joy. All my friends were very cheerful, mischievous and hardworking. Their friendship remains the same even today. On seeing the last day of the school’s life had also arrived. That goodbye ceremony! On that day, the heart was being torn while leaving from the gurus and classmates.

In this way, my student life was very trendy. Those sweet days of student life passed like a dream, now their memory is left.

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