My School Playground Essay in English

My School Playground Essay in English: A playground or a playground is such a place where children and teenagers are made to walk around. Till now I considered only cinema halls and theaters as places of entertainment; But that evening when I reached the playground with my friend, I really felt that this is the real place of joy.

My School Playground Essay in English

My School Playground Essay in English

The playground was very large and flat. Due to the green grass and the open space, the atmosphere there seemed very pleasant. Many players were playing cricket in one part of the playground. There was a huge crowd to watch his game. People used to sing applause when they hit the four or six. On the other hand, the football players had colored. His jumps and fun were indescribable. Sometimes the ball goes here and then. People’s eyes also used to run after the ball.

Kabaddi matches were being played in one part of the playground. Whenever a player was ‘out’, the audience used to cheer. Once, there was an increase in differences regarding the ‘Out’. It seemed that in a few moments the playground would become Ranangan. But on the captain’s orders, all the players started playing together again.

A portion of the playground was safe for young children. Somewhere there was a swing, then somewhere there was the joy of the reed. Climbing on the ladder, the children did not swell by sitting on the stone elephant. Some children were playing different games by making teams. The movement here was visible.

The most different arena in the playground was an arena where wrestling joints clashed. Wrestlers of the wrestlers were observable. There was a high pillar in the middle of the arena. Some teenagers were overjoyed to climb them. A boy was hanging from the legs, climbing on a pillar. People were looking at him with surprise. Some people were sitting at one end of the playground. He was engrossed in his words. Some people were enjoying the music of the transistor. Outside the playground, there were crowds of Khomchewalas and toymen. People were enjoying Bhel-Puri, ice cream etc. Some people were buying toys for children.

Gradually the darkness began to grow. The players stopped playing. People also started leaving. There was happiness and freshness on everyone’s faces. The playground filled me with new enthusiasm. Life is also a game ‘- thinking that I returned home. I did not even know how an hour passed in the playground!

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