One Hour at Hospital Essay in English

One Hour at Hospital Essay in English: In the garden, outside is seen, in the Sarita-sarovar, there is beauty, but in the hospital, there are visions of the harsh and compassionate reality of life. After seeing it, we are convinced that there is not only laughter in life, but also ‘blood’; Not only ‘wow wow’ but also ‘ah’.

One Hour at Hospital Essay in English

One Hour at Hospital Essay in English

A few days ago, a friend of mine got injured in a motar-accident. He was admitted to Gandhi Hospital. I went to the hospital to see his health. The hospital building was very beautiful and clean. All the rooms in the hospital were airy and light. The velvet-green lawn was spread outside the hospital and there were shady trees. There was a good arrangement to sit there. I met my friend in the hospital. I assured him and gave him the fruits I brought. After talking to him for a while I got out of his room.

On his way back, he wandered around to see the hospital. The General Ward had a wide variety of patients. Some were groaning, some was lying silently, some was sighing. A young man was lying here. He had a hand in the grip of the mill’s machine, making him permanently disabled. There was a boy here who lost both his legs due to a motor accident. A middle-class woman was burnt while preparing the kitchen. His entire body was deformed. There were so many patients here, whose heart filled my heart and I cried out, ‘O God! Is this your world?

The hospital’s operation theater had modern scientific instruments useful for medicine. There were many types of chemicals and medicines in the laboratory. The color of the X-ray segment was different.

The hostesses were wandering around in the hospital. Some of them looked very busy and serious, but some had sweetness dripping from their faces. The doctors examined each patient and gave information to the attendants. There was a huge crowd of visitors to the hospital to see the patients. Had brought some fruits for the patients, then had brought some food, some books, and no medicines. Patients’ relatives and affectionate were sitting near them and enduring them; At the same time, his mind was being seduced by the talk of here and there. The patients whose condition was improving, their relatives looked happy and the faces of their families were sadly depressed.

Thus in a one-hour hospital visit, I got to see the compassionate aspect of human life.

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