One Hour at Ration Shop Essay in English

One Hour at Ration Shop Essay in English: India is a large country. Most of the families here are poor or middle class. People do not have any complaints if the goods are available in the market at a reasonable price. But sometimes traders start to black market by creating scarcity of essential commodities. To solve this problem, the government has implemented the ration system.

One Hour at Ration Shop Essay in English

One Hour at Ration Shop Essay in English

There are government shops for ration. They get certain amount of grains, sugar, kerosene etc. at cheaper prices on the ration card per person. Last week I had to go to get my family’s ration. I reached the ration shop at ten o’clock in the morning with money, ration cards, bags and kerosene. A long queue was already there. I also stood in it. Most of the women were in the queue. Some also had small children in their hands. There were also some young men and some girls. Everyone had different bags in their hands.

Gradually the queue started moving forward. At this point, a young man started entering the middle of the queue. The people standing in the queue shouted loudly. The poor fellow took his face and stood behind everyone. After some time there was some confusion in the shop. It turned out that a brother’s pocket was cut!

I looked at the clock. Quarter hour had passed. It was still late for my turn. I was angry at the lethargy of the ration workers. Outside people were getting upset and they were doing their work slowly with great fun. But what could I do? Finally I also had my turn. Received the result of an hour of penance. I told my ration card. Sugar and rice were available, but kerosene was exhausted. I regretted it, because there was not even a little kerosene in the house. Well, I made a sugar and rice bill and paid the money. The bill was given to the man weighing the goods. Seeing the bill, she tore it slightly off the edge and weighed both. When I came out with grains, I was in bad shape due to the sun. The clock was ringing at eleven. In this way after an hour I returned home with incomplete ration.

That one hour spent at the ration shop was annoying as well as very profitable. I got an opportunity to know people’s thoughts and behavior. If you want to hear a smooth discussion about the country, society, government, politics, religion, etc., you can hear it in a queue at the ration shop.

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