One Hour in Museum Essay in English

One Hour in Museum Essay in English: It is very informative and entertaining to spend an hour or two in a museum. Last year, we had four friends visit Mumbai. The day of return came near, then we remembered that we forgot to see the museum. So, all was set? We had little time left, we soon set out to see the famous museum in Mumbai.

One Hour in Museum Essay in English

One Hour in Museum Essay in English

There were many different departments and classrooms in the Ajaybaghar. Different types of items were decorated in them. Chits were pasted on all items. Important information about the object was summarized in those chits. In the sculpture department, there were innumerable idols to the gods and goddesses carved with various stones. There were many idols of Seshasayee Vishnu and the meditated Lord Buddha. The idol of Shankar while performing the rituals was adding to the beauty of this department. The department of utensils consisted of utensils made of various metals, which were historically very valuable.

We were surprised to see a wide range of weapons in the weapons department. Arms, swords, cannons, armor, weapons, etc. of ancient age were kept there. There were modern weapons as well. Seeing these, there was a lot of excitement in Haday and the brave men of India remembered.

In the department of animals and birds, the bodies of horrible creatures like lions, leopards, wolves were seen coming alive. The dead bodies of the birds were well-groomed. From small birds to big eagles and eagles, the bodies of birds looked as if they were alive. The maps of Gram Sudhar, Five Year Plan etc. indicated the bright progress of independent India.

The department of old clothes was very beautiful. Indian costumes were reflecting very seductively in those dresses. The coinage department had Indian and foreign coins. Where today’s notes and money and where those coins of pure gold and silver from ancient times! Apart from those departments, the picture department and other departments were also visible. In the painting department, paintings of different styles were throwing light on the development of painting.

An hour passed at the museum upon seeing it. Indeed, our visit to the museum increased our knowledge and made us very happy.

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