Rainy Day Essay in English

Rainy Day Essay in English: I can never forget that first day of rain. The month of Aashaadh had taken place and Suryadevata was raining. The trees and plants were withering. Outside the gardens had disappeared. The water of river rivulets, ponds and lakes had run dry. Animals, birds, humans, all living beings were getting restless with heat. Everyone had only one wish in the mind, that there should be coolness. Electric fans were running, airconditioned machines were installed somewhere, the doors of many houses were hanging in the water. Still the eyes of the people were on the sky.

Rainy Day Essay in English

Rainy Day Essay in English

Tired of this heat, I too walked away from the village on a hill. Suddenly the sky was covered with cloudy clouds. Clouds began to roar. The thunder of lightning and the rustle of wind changed the whole atmosphere. Gradually drops of water started falling.

Aha! This first shower of Aashaadh was so bland! The rain drops looked pleasant and pleasant! His coolness dampened the heart. The earth also got wet. His pungent smell spread all around. Slowly the emphasis of rain increased. Water began to appear from the earth to the sky. I kept sitting, watching this sudden change in the form of nature.

From that hill, water was visible everywhere. The sound of water flowing from the top to the bottom sounded very sweet. The leaves of the trees washed off with water and started glowing. The plants started swaying. The buds started blooming and the flowers started laughing. Dry and dry grass was also part of its limbs. Dry vines also came to life. Slowly, water started rising in the river flowing nearby. Flying birds in the sky as if they were thanking the clouds. Now Peacock started dancing. Papihe created the atmosphere with the intoxicating sound of ‘Piu Piu’. The turtle of the frog and the sound of the beetles began to be heard. Everyone’s thirst disappeared. The whole nature was blown away by the arrival of rain.

I descended the hill. In the foothills, shepherds were grazing their livestock. A shepherd was harping on. At the same time, a young man came out of the front road singing, “Ghi ai badariya sawan ki. Sawan ki bhavana ki bhavana.” I passed through a garden. There was a new glow in the whole garden. Farmers started plowing in far-flung fields.

I was not happy. When I entered the house, the sisters were singing the song of the swinging swing on the swing and looking at the rainbow made in the sky, they were getting ecstatic.

How sweet and hearty that rainy first day was!

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