School Farewell Ceremony Essay in English

School Farewell Ceremony Essay in English: Even today, as soon as I miss the day of school, tears fade from my eyes and my heart is filled with agony. That day we were going to leave school forever.

School Farewell Ceremony Essay in English

School Farewell Ceremony Essay in English

I was studying in the same school for years. Ten years passed, one after the other. I reached the tenth grade. Now we have s. It was our last year in the school, so we had to sit for the board exams. Days passed and the last day of farewell also arrived. There was neither enthusiasm nor enthusiasm in the students that day when they were admitted to the school. Everyone’s heart became heavy. The agony of getting separated from his beloved school was hurting everyone’s heart.

The farewell ceremony was held at four in the evening. Students and teachers had arrived early. At exactly four o’clock, the headmaster and all the teachers gathered together and went to the store. Everyone was warmly welcomed. This was followed by the Principal’s speech. A father’s heart was speaking in his speech. He gave us some exam related information and highlighted the importance of discipline, simplicity, cleanliness, social service and duty in life. Finally wished for our bright future. After this, some other teachers in our class also gave brief briefs.

I had a great desire to speak two words of respect and reverence to my revered gurus, but not a single word could come out of my mouth at that time. Finally, two of my classmates completed this work on behalf of the students. The poem of another classmate ‘Mother gave us milk, you have the spirit of nectar knowledge’ touched everyone’s hearts. After this, everyone joined the snacks. The photographer took a group photo of us all. After that, the students started leaving.

All my friends left school and went to their respective homes. Don’t know why my legs didn’t move. As if there are huge fetters in the legs. My heart was filled with a unique trinity of joy, excitement and agony. In my mind, a feeling of respect for my teachers got me up. I went to him and expressed my gratitude to him. Today in every school, I saw the sadness of compassion. The sorrow of being separated from them filled my heart. Finally, after bowing my mind to everyone, I walked towards my house.

I remained unmoved that day. That soulful scene of farewell did not move before my eyes. By the way, opportunities of conflict, happiness, sorrow etc. keep coming in human life. But that last day of the golden life of the school is an unforgettable memory of my life.

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