The Village Market Essay in English

The Village Market Essay in English: I came to the village after a long time from the city. One day while wandering, he reached the vegetable market of his village. Aha! There was so much excitement there. It was as if there was a beautiful exhibition of vegetables and fruits.

The Village Market Essay in English

The Village Market Essay in English

The market was full of green and fresh vegetables. The shopkeepers kept them very decorated. Somewhere there were piles of potatoes and onions, somewhere there were cabbage and brinjals. Gourd, parwal, peas, tomatoes etc. also had their own glory. Red-red carrots, long pieces and thick roots fascinated the mind. As if the decorated lemons were saying – ‘We are nothing less!’ Vegetables such as spinach, fenugreek, amaranth were embellishing four moons in the luster of their green color.

Fruit shops were also no less attractive. Seeing heaps of fruits like mango, papaya, pomegranate, fig, chiku, berries, etc., the mouth was watery. But most of the customers were crowded at the vegetable shops. Some babu were not daring to look at the fruits except the people.

Various sounds were heard in the vegetable market. Somewhere there was an atmosphere of emotion. Somewhere customers and shopkeepers were fighting for money. The customer used to say that I had given the money and the shopkeeper used to say that he had not given the money. God knows who was true and who was false! Somewhere doubts were being raised about the shopkeeper’s scales and weights. Such spectacles go on daily here.

Customers had their own styles in the vegetable market. The art of purchasing some customers was made immediately. Some customers were very humorous. He himself was laughing and laughing at the shopkeeper. Some customers were expressing concern with their acquaintances on the day-to-day vegetables getting expensive.

Every kind of society was being seen in various types of vegetables in vegetable market. Some had a dawn of happiness on their faces, and an evening of sadness on some. Some had hot pockets, some had cold. Some were eager to buy good things by paying more money and some poor people were looking for cheap vegetables.

It was not known how half an hour was spent in that movement of vegetable market. Literally, the vegetable market teaches us the art of shopping. The experiences gained by spending half an hour in it are as interesting and profitable as the vegetable-market practices.

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