Three Hours in Examination Hall Essay in English

Three Hours in Examination Hall Essay in English: Students go to school regularly. They do not see any novelty in the environment there, but the color of the school changes on the day of examination.

Three Hours in Examination Hall Essay in English

Three Hours in Examination Hall Essay in English

s. s. c. examination was going on. There was an English question paper that day. I have old enmity with this language of foreigners. By the time I got out of the house after taking the name of God and applying yogurt. I gagged the entire English textbook. The heart was strengthened that the fucking black pussy cut the path. My heartbeat increased, don’t know what will happen in the exam?

The bell rang as soon as we reached the examination hall. All the students sat in their respective places. In this time, the inspector arrived. The inspector first distributed the answer books. Students wrote their name, date, subject, number etc. on the answer book. Then a bell and rang and the question papers were distributed immediately.

After getting a question paper, someone jumped with joy, and someone became depressed. With trembling hands I also took the question paper. A cursory glance became happy. I had all the questions. In a moment all the students were engaged in writing answers to the questions. The inspector started wandering in the square. My pen started running like lightning. In the first one hour I solved three questions. Looked up a little, then those who came prepared like gunpowder filled with gunpowder, their pen was being filled with curved pages. Those doing penance for cinema tickets seemed as if none of the questions were of their syllabus. Some stunt players were repeatedly pointing at the front student’s shoulder with his finger. A daredevil had torn the pages of the guide, but fell prey to the sharp sight of the inspector, then all his plan was washed away

Two hours were completed on sight. Simultaneously my writing speed also increased. Many had ‘done a lot’ and many had a lot ‘left. Half an hour passed. Those who had solved the entire question paper were rechecking their answers. At this time the warning bell rang. As long as I breath, I kept writing thinking about it. I wrote down the last question. In this time also completed. Everyone handed over their destiny to the inspector, some out of mind and some out of heart.

Indeed, these three hours of examination make some cry and make many laugh. Feeling happy, I left the examination hall and walked towards the house.

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