Two Hours at the Fair Essay in English

Two Hours at the Fair Essay in English: In rural life, people do not have as much attraction towards the fair as anyone else. Seeing the fair of my village, I came to know this truth.

Two Hours at the Fair Essay in English

Two Hours at the Fair Essay in English

This time when I went to the village during the holidays, I saw that the fair of the whole village is in full swing. The next day, along with my family, I went to see the fair. There was a fair in the shade of dense trees on the banks of river Saraswati. Its border was made with iron wires all around. From afar, his agitation was causing disarray in the mind. Thousands of people were coming from nearby villages either on foot or in vehicles. All the people were dressed in colorful clothes. Especially the costumes of rural women were made on seeing. The design of the entrance of the fair was very attractive.

There were all kinds of antique shops around the fair. Cloth was being sold at some places, utensils at some places There was a huge crowd in front of the sweets shops. Small children were rushing to the toy shops. There were also some shops of books in the fair, which mostly saw religious literature. Women were involved in buying beauty cosmetics. The color of the hawkers was something else. Some were sitting around a pile of fruit, while some were eating vegetables. In this way, the whole fair looked like a museum of humans and things.

Many items attracted us towards the fair. My mother bought some saris. The younger brother bought a toy motor and an airplane running from yesterday. Dad took everyone to the sweet shop and we all ate the sweets we wanted. So, the younger brother and sister insisted on sitting on the swing. After all, we took a ticket and sat on the swing. It was a lot of fun here too.

At one place a magician was playing his magic game. We stood there for a while. There was a huge crowd of people in one corner. Wow ! Wow !’ Sounds were coming. We saw two wrestlers wrestling there. There was a photo studio at some distance, where many villagers were taking photos. We all got our entire family’s photo taken out. At the fair, an astrologer was also causing curiosity among the people. He used to tell a future by getting a letter out of a parrot.

Thus we roamed the fair for about two hours. We had seen the entire fair, so we returned home. This fair filled all of us with new enthusiasm.

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