Two Hours in the Garden Essay in English

Two Hours in the Garden Essay in English What could be more enjoyable as a two-hour walk in the garden? Seeing the enticing beauty of the garden, the heart also becomes a garden. When I reached the garden that evening, it seemed as if all the happiness of the world had come down here.

Two Hours in the Garden Essay in English

Two Hours in the Garden Essay in English

The beauty of the garden used to cast a spell on the heart. As if the velvet-like soft green grass was inviting me to sit. I sat down. Health became green. Four moons adorned the garden with flowers of jasmine and juhi, rose and Harsingar. Seeing the laughter of colorful flowers blossoming, it was known that life is for bloom. Are for enjoyment. The bunches and bees were hovering over the flowers, making a sweet hum. Trees and plants used to swing with the breeze. A peculiar melody was produced by the murmur-sound of the leaves. The bird’s seductive tweet, the cuckoo’s ‘Kuhu Kuhu’ and Papihe’s ‘Piu Piu’ sound were sweetly filling the atmosphere.

After awhile I got up and went to the lake and the fountain. Little drops of cold water were flying there. With the touch of the last rays of the Sun God, the rainbow was visible in these drops. In Jalkund, batak couples were doing Killol. Kamalini was fingering her pretty face. What a delightful scene it was!

The atmosphere of the garden was entertaining. The colorful talk of young men and women sitting on soft grass made the atmosphere even more beautiful. By swinging the children, they were now enjoying the new games. Little girls wearing colorful frocks looked like flying butterflies. The gardener was watering the plants diligently. If there was a fragrance of flowers in the garden, then the joy of happiness in the heart. Some had transistor radios, which made the atmosphere even more delightful with their music.

Then I met a friend. We started walking here and there. Suryadev was preparing to take off. Gradually, his redness was decreasing. Poonam’s moon was peeping rain of nectar. The empire of uncommon peace was spreading in the atmosphere. While walking, we sat under a tree. Then the friend’s passion rose. Anand doubled over hearing her sweet voice.

Dusk was falling. Only a few people were left in the garden. We got up and took new dreams in our eyes, took new songs on the lips and walked towards the house with happiness in our heart.

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