The Unforgettable Day in My Life Essay in English

The Unforgettable Day in My Life Essay in English: In my short life, an opportunity has come, whose sweet memory always keeps me green.

The Unforgettable Day in My Life Essay in English

The Unforgettable Day in My Life Essay in English

An ‘inter-college debate competition’ was organized for all the schools in our city. The competition was to be held in our school itself. The theme was: ‘Men are more intelligent than women’. I participated in it along with many students from my school.

After filling the application form of the competition, I started preparing for the subject. As the day of competition was getting closer, the heartbeat was increasing with joy. I had made some preparations, but it seemed in my mind that my mind would not stop while talking. The school hall was packed with audience on the day of the competition. Girls were more in competition. The judges were two famous Hindi storytellers. The competition started at the right time. First a boy spoke in favor of the subject. In every way he tried to prove that men are more intelligent than women. Then came a girl’s turn. She came as if she had scoured the pages of history and mythology. Giving examples from the lives of famous women like Savitri, Draupadi, Rani Laxmibai, Chandabibi, Indira Gandhi etc., she described the intelligence and cleverness of women as stunned. Then two more speakers came. The fifth name was mine. When my name was called, a shudder ran in my body. Camp-campy started in the body, Well, as soon as I got courage and reached the stage, I started speaking.

I fully supported men’s intelligence in all subjects like literature, culture, art, science, music etc. I strongly proved that in the development of knowledge and civilization, the sum of men is many times more than that of women. Two to four women are like salt in lentils. I kept talking and there was applause. Really, it was the most important episode in my life. The heart was beating, but the mind was dancing.

The remaining contestants spoke after me. The decision was pronounced after about five minutes. My first name was successful speakers. Teachers and friends showered my greetings. The winner’s shield was awarded to my school and I was awarded the first prize. What to say to my heart? There were many episodes of happiness in my life after this, but the happiness of that day became the queen of my memories.

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