Visit to an Exhibition Essay in English

Visit to an Exhibition Essay in English: What other interesting, entertaining and entertaining work could be like spending two hours in an exhibition? The knowledge and entertainment that is easily gained in the exhibition is not possible even after reading hundreds of pages of books.

Visit to an Exhibition Essay in English

Visit to an Exhibition Essay in English

A few days ago I went to see ‘Tourist Exhibition’ in Mumbai with my friends. The exhibition was held in the cross ground near Churchgate. The boundary was tied by making walls with iron strips all around. From afar, his movements used to create intrigues in the mind. The entrance of the exhibition was glorified. Two giant elephants carrying lotus were built in the trunk on either side of the entrance.

On entering the exhibition, the first ‘Gujarat stall’ appeared. Here were beautiful specimens of the ancient culture of Gujarat and the drawings and maps outlined the development plans of the ancient period. The second volume contained newspapers dating back hundreds of years. The tableau of Kashmir was forwarded. In one Shikara, the ‘Paradise on Earth’ had beautiful pictures of the scenic spots of Kashmir.

Various ‘models’ of railways and airplanes were built in the exhibition. From these models, the thought of how much India has progressed in these subjects came from them. The ‘model’ people of the river-valley schemes were watching with great interest. Many types of agricultural items like seeds, fertilizers etc. were kept in the Agriculture Department with great decoration. People used to press their fingers under the teeth to see modern agricultural instruments. Different types of clothes, jewelry, toys, utensils were being sold in various shops in the exhibition.

The flow of humans was continuously coming in the exhibition. People of all ages, all kinds of people were in it. The children did not take the name of moving away from the shops of toys and sweets. There was also a restaurant in one corner, which was quite crowded. Women were standing in the shops of clothes and ornaments. Entertainment tools like Charkhi, death well, meri go-round, fancy dress show, film show were doing magic on everyone’s heart. There were long queues of children to sit in the camel-cart and other riders.

Really, it was through this exhibition that we got to see the ancient culture and art of India and modern industrial progress. After wandering continuously for about two hours, we saw everything, also enjoyed sitting in a circle and filled our hearts with joy and joy and returned home.

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